How long will this Fidbox® last after it is installed? 

The device will last for approximately 6 years from the date of activation.

Is it possible to have more than one Fidbox® with one Username? 

It is possible to have multiple Fidboxes on one Username; however, it is not possible to have multiple Usernames with one Fidbox® since each device has its own unique serial number and that serial number is only associated with one Username. Think of the serial number is similar to a VIN number on a vehicle. If a contractor wants data from the Fidbox® he will have to have his customer log out of the Fidbox® in order to obtain the data. 

What should I do once I get a “WARNING” on my mobile device from the Fidbox®?  

Contact your HVAC contractor as soon as you are able in order to address the warning, whether it be the environment (relative humidity) is too low or too high. If the rH is too high then a central air or dehumidifier should be used to regulate the environment. If the rH is too low a test of the humidifier will need to be conducted to see if it is operating properly. Either way the floor will suffer damage if not addressed! 

Will the Fidbox®  interfere with any other radio frequencies in the home/building? 

No. The radio frequency has been tested and has never interfered with any other radio frequency related devices. 

What happens if my floor is experiencing buckling or lifting and I did not receive a “WARNING” from the Fidbox®?

It would be a good idea to contact your contractor first. If the contractor can’t address why the floor is not performing as expected then it may require a professional N.W.F.A. Inspector to help determine the reason why the floor is experiencing the objectionable buckling or lifting. 

Does the Fidbox®  have to be installed in a special area?

Yes, kind of. The device has to be in a high traffic area away from furniture or heavy objects or area rugs. 

If a floor is flooded will the Fidbox®  be ruined, or will the data be lost?

Depends how much water was introduced to the sensors but more than likely it will be damaged to a point that it can’t be used again. The data will be safe up to the last time of downloading to the mobile device app. The data, that is downloaded on the app, will sit on a server in Austria and can be located and delivered if necessary. This takes a written request in order to be processed in Austria. 

How thick/thin, wide/narrow, of a piece of wood flooring can a Fidbox® be installed? 

Fidbox® has been installed in a 3/8” piece of flooring and a floor that is 1” thick. It has also been installed in a 2 ¼” wide piece of flooring without a width limit. As wood flooring professionals we know that the wider the flooring the more susceptible (to damage) it is to an inconsistent environment. Also, the thinner the flooring material the more susceptible (to damage) it is to damage from an inconsistent environment. 

When a wood floor can be installed using the floating floor method should the foam underlayment be modified (cut out) for the Fidbox® to be installed? 

Fidbox is to identify the moisture and temperature that reaches the hardwood floor surface. It is the same as by the 3-in-1 adhesive.  As the location of the Fidbox serves as a point of reference for the whole floor, it should have the same condition throughout.  The sound barrier should therefore not be cut out.